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Whitelabel adult sites, Adult sex toy shops, Tube sites, TGP sites, Adult Dating sites, video member sites, webcam sites and many more. Get started in the lucrative adult market quickly and for less money than you might imagine.

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Hi, My name is Ruff Davidson and I want to introduce myself before you go any further. I've been a full time adult webmaster since 1999. Currently I am operating, a network of adult entertainment sites. Some are paysites, but most are free Photo and Video affiliate sites offering samples of the wide variety of different porn sites available to consenting adults. I also have a number of commercial mainstream websites, but I will not list those here. I think it is important to know who you are dealing with, especially on the Internet.


If you are interested in having your own amateur paysite or web cam show or even both, fill out my application and upload a few photos (they do not have to be nude and you must be over 18). There is no cost to you other than producing content for your site(s). You retain all copyright to your content and you can work at home! There are no contracts or obligations, you are your own boss and control all aspects of your site or cam show. You don't have to be a Playboy model to have fun and make money. There is a niche (male, female, transsexual) for you and you will definitely find fans that appreciate you. The amateur market is the largest and most profitable market on the Internet and everybody has their own personal preferences when it comes to what turns them on.

Apply today, it's Free!

You will be working with me, Ruff Davidson, an experienced webmaster online since 1996 and in adult since 1999. I will work with you and your webmaster to help you get started and help promote your sites as well. For more information, fill out my application and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Remember, it's free and you can opt out at any time!

Get your slice of the porn pie for free!

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Whitelabel sites are fully functional, content populated sites designed to allow you to re-brand with your own name and domain. You earn income by sending qualified traffic to the site and receiving a commission on each sale. All payment processing is in place and sales are handled and dispensed by the parent company. They comply with all applicable laws and update regularly. To the surfer, for all practical purposes, the site looks like your own individual personal website. There is no cost to operating whitelabel sites other than the expense of the hosting and the yearly domain fee.

These sites are monetized by affiliate commissions based on membership or product sales. There are no private membership sections, no credit card processing to worry about and no content to purchase. All sites comply with U.S.C. 2257 Record Keeping Requirements Compliance.

We do not design adult membership sites, but we do provide the members content area. We can set up renewable video content in your members area. You can purchase content feeds at a set monthly price or pre-pay for member feeds. Some whitelabel video sites are all inclusive and handle everything including payment processing, front end design and member area design. You have several options that all relatively inexpensive.

We do not offer scam crap. We have over 15 years online experience with the adult market. We are currently managing over 100 different types of adult marketing sites. The programs we use for you, we use ourselves and are verifiable.

When you move into adult, we usually recommend dedicated hosting rather than shared hosting. Although with these types of sites, you are not usually stressing servers, a dedicated server does offer expandability and speed. Of course you can start out with shared hosting and upgrade easily as your traffic increases.

All sites come with proper software and script licensing. Once you purchase, you will completely own and control all aspects of your online website including the domain, the hosting, your affiliate programs, any software and all licenses*.


Amateur Reality Videos
Cuck Vids
Kinky Sex Bang
Latina Bango Sexo
Sexy Young Wives
Teen Porn Auditions

Now available are stand-alone tube sites. These are adult video websites that are affiliate based using free sponsor videos to attract members joining the respective advertised websites. Each join provides you with typically a commission of 50% of the join price plus recurring or a one time join fee depending on how you set up your program. We use Wordpress as the backbone of the tube site with various plugins and themes to give us the desired style. The content is provided through RSS feeds using several different script programs. All software licensing is included. The templates all have areas allowing you to add your own advertising through banners and links. Since we use Wordpress, there is an admin login to allow you to manage your site very easily. These are set and forget types of sites. Once they are online, the RSS feeds automatically update new content at whatever schedule you set. For example, the Cuck Vids site above is new and I have it set to populate with one new video from xHamster cuckold and one new video from xHamster interracial every 60 minutes.

Taking a look at the different styles of tube sites above. The Cuckvids site scrapes all videos from xHamster instead of a specific sponsor like Amateur Reality Videos. For Amateur Reality Videos I use a sponsor that features all genuine amateur video content. Using an RSS feed, I pull their videos, keeping the thumbs on my server and the actual video on their server. This keeps my bandwidth way down and is completely within terms and conditions of the affiliate sponsor. All videos have an affiliate link back to the sponsor and each page holds advertising for any other products I want to present.

You can order a custom stand-alone tube site including logo, domain name and installation for $500.00*. All software licensing fees included. Populated with affiliate content minimum of 1k videos. Instructions and lifetime support included.


My Hot Wife 4 U
The Hot Wife
Hosted tube sites are partnerships with the tube company and yourself. The tube company supplies hosting, content, maintenance and bandwidth and you simply suppy a domain name and traffic. It is the simplest, easiest and cheapest way to get an adult video site going live. Because the hosted tube company supplies most of everything, they also monetise the site with their own sponsor ads. You get a small percentage of the profits for pushing traffic to the site. Since the only investment you have is the yearly domain fee, there not much out of pocket expense on your part. You are allowed to add your own affiliate links at the top and bottom of the main page (click on the above examples). Now I have a number of this sites live using domains that I have, but have not purposed yet. Rather than letting them just sit there, I set up a hosted tube on the domain and throw it out there. Currently I have 9 live hosted tube sites. One of them is getting an average of 8000 unique hits a day and another is getting about 500 uniques a day and this is without any effort on my part. So these can be another source of adult traffic you can send to your own primary sites for no money. You can order one or more of these hosted sites set up with your own domain name for $95.00*, two or more at $49.00* each.


Grand Opening
Brutal Dildos
Dr. Loves

Now you can have your own adult sex toy store in your own domain name. All of the hard work like inventory, shipping and a merchant account is handled by the behind-the-scenes toy company. This particular company is one that I consider the best in the business. I have had a white label toy store with them for more than 6 years. They are constantly adding new product, they have excellent promotion materials and customer service. They pay commissions very quickly with no minimum balance. So if you sell something and make a $10 commission, they will be sending it to you as soon as everything clears the bank. These types of online stores are very popular and can be marketed in a lot of different ways including magazines and newspapers. Their commissions are generous compared to the cost of actually setting up your own real store with inventory whether online or brick and mortar. You would probably make less than commissions after overhead.

You can order a custom adult sex store site including logo, domain name and installation for $250.00*. You will need your own hosting account and affiliate account with the adult store company.


Grand Opening
Herbal Health Wellness
The Best Drugs

Pharmacy websites do very well depending on what part of the world you are marketing. There are pharmacy sites dedicated to erectile dysfunction meds, general prescriptions drugs and herbal health alternatives. It is recommended that you check applicable laws in your country regarding the selling of certain drugs requiring a doctors prescription. Some countries such as Russia do not require prescriptions, but some, like the United States do. You always want to stay on the side of the law in this particular niche. However, the major credit card companies have no issues providing processing and the pharmacy company pays like clockwork. The herbal health niche does not use prescription drugs and can be set up in any country. These sites can be set up under your own domain, the pharmacy company works in the background as a drop shipper, handles and disburses the monies and maintains the underlying backbone of the website. The above examples are generic sites that can be marketed as themselves or you can select the style you like and rename it.

It is recommended to use hosting companies and domain registrars located in European countries where these sites are legal. We recommend getting legal advice before you set one of these types of sites up.

You can order a custom site including logo, domain name and installation for $350.00*. You will need your own hosting account and affiliate account with the pharmacy company.


Discreetly Secret
Watch Cam Girl

Discreetly Secret is a white label dating site. You aquire a domain name that brands itself as a dating site and the dating company sets up a proper site utilizing your color choices and custom logo. You get all of the benefits of operating a dating site without the hassles of hosting, bandwidth and maintenance. You also do not have to set any kind of credit card financing. You split the income with the host dating company you are affiliated with.

You can order a custom dating site including logo, domain name and installation for $250.00*.

Watch Cam Girl is a branded white label cam site using a populate cam company backend. One of the most popular cam sites on the Internet allows you to set up your own cam site using their complete system as an affiliate. There are numerous other cam companies that offer the same arrangement, so you can choose one or all of them and begin your cam dominance on the web. It is good to have more than one cam site as you don't want all of your eggs in one basket. Some do better than others for no decernable reason. Plus offering your surfer multiple choices keeps him returning.

You can order a custom cam site including logo, domain name and installation for $250.00*.

Example Cam Site:

Girls on

Play with Me


Sexual Musings of a Cuckold
To the right is a simple Wordpress site designed for SEO promoting a webcam site. Webcam sites are not the best for search engines due to the fact their content is pretty static. The site to the right will be indexed by major search engines because of original fresh content and the links will push traffic to the desired Camsite. This type of site can for all of your commercial sites as a way of generating additional traffic.

Wordpress blogs are a straight forward publishing vehicle for whatever type of adult website you would like to do. They are very easy for a novice to learn how to use. You can publish whatever content and text that you like. Blogs are perfect for niche sites to attract a specific audience, even better if you are interested in your subject. Case in point, Sexual Musings of a Cuckold is a Wordpress blog dedicated to the Cuckold - Hot Wife niche. It uses a basic Wordpress theme with minimalist design consisting of a custom header and a background image. It is a two-column set up with content in the bigger left column and links and ads in the smaller right column. All of the ads point to affiliate programs that the owner belongs to. If a surfer clicks on an ad, a cookie places the affiliate link on his computer and if he joins the particular program a commission is paid to the blog owner. The publisher of this blog is very much into the lifestyle with his wife. He targets a specific group of like minded individuals and caters to their interests as well as his own.

You can customize your Wordpress theme with many different themes (a lot of them free) and all kinds of plugins that do specific things. Examples are bondage, lesbian, amateurs, personal, teens or pretty much whatever you can think of. You can join specific affiliate programs and use their promo content free. The options are endless and search engines love blogs!

You can order a simple Wordpress blog site including logo, domain name and installation for $99.00*.


I recommend using Namesilo as your domain registrar. You can register for free and use the registrar to search for an appropriate domain to use.

They are inexpensive and offer excellent security on their site. But the biggest reason is that they offer lifetime free privacy for your personal information. Without this feature anyone can use a site like to access your domain registration info. And since you must use your real name or company and address you really don't want it in the public domain.

I use and recommend these three hosting companies. They are reliable with exceptional support, they offer an excellent admin panel for managing your sites, setting up email and installing free scripts, etc. Did I mention that they are competitively inexpensive. You get the very best bang for your hosting buck if you pay for a year in advance. Start out with shared hosting and upgrade to a dedicated server in the future.

If you sign up using my affiliate links for Namesilo domain registrar and any one of the three hosting companies I recommend, you will receive free lifetime support for any turnkey adult websites you purchase from me.


I use for all financial transactions at Your Own Adult Paysite. It is the best solution available to protect both of us. There is a certain amount of trust involved in setting up sites such as these so I want to make my clients as comfortable as possible.

Due to the intangible nature of digital transactions there are no refunds once we have closed the sale.

Setting up affiliate programs for a client involves using personal information such as your name or company name, social security or federal tax ID, phone and addresses. I understand that it can be problematic for some of this information to be given out to essentually a stranger. In some cases, you can set up the affiliate program yourself. In other cases, we can use shielded or substitute information that you will be able to change after we have set up your site(s).

Robo Scripts

*If you sign up using my affiliate links for Namesilo domain registrar and any one of the three hosting companies I recommend, you will receive free lifetime support for any turnkey adult websites you purchase from me.

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